Sampling frequency in Volumio on RPI 4 + Allo Boss 1.2 DAC

I saw related posts on this topic, but I could get an answer to my problem. It is this - volumio (latest build) shows it is playing my FLACs at 44.1kHz 16-bit even though my DAC tech spec says it is capable of 380kHz and 24-bit. Do FLACs play best at 44.1kHz always ? Or if Volumio can play FLACs at higher say 98 kHz, how do I make this happen ? Do I need to tweak any Volumio config ?

settings >>playback options >>>audio resampling … you can set a higher resampling …

Flac files are more often than not CD rips, so 16 bit and 44.1 kHz is the native for Red Book CD.
You’ll find vinyl rips ate 24 bit and 96 kHz sometimes, these should play and show as 24/96.
You’ll also find SACD (and similar source) rips as DSD/DSF files that can be higher bit depth and sampling rate.
The Allo Boss and Volumio can play those and will show the correct bit depth and sample rate.

Thanks. I figured my CDs rip at 44.1khz which means it follows the red book. So unless the source comes with more than 44.1khz, I guess I can’t do much. Which means even if I ask volumio to resample at higher frequency, it is going to be synthetic.