Sample rate problem

Hello , I recently purchased a transport i2c hifiberry Digi for raspberry B.My setup consists of raspberry (obviously ) Digi , and Musical Fidelity V - DAC , Volumio , usb key , ub with 4 usb powered .It works well , just one problem , will not play files with sample rates above 16 -bit 44 .1khz .Using mostly FLAC but beyond 44 .1khz just feels fast pop higher you climb with frequency.Someone can help me ?thanks


What version of volumio are you using ?


Version 1.5

Andrea, Upgrade to 1.51 or go back to 1.4, see below:-


Ohhh thanks …
But the version 1 .51 I have not found on the site.

No excuse …
The version I use is 1 .51 , and gives me this problem .
I try to install the 1 .41

I did some tests
With version 1 .51 and 1 .41 does not work

Don’t have a HiFiBerry Digi to test but I have been posting on this topic

Common factor is the Digi. Have a look at the tests that were done and maybe you can try one or 2.

We need someone who has had success with HiFiberry Digi to post !

Still I can not explain how, but , I removed the version 1 .41 put the 1 .51 and now works up to full resolution .
I do not know what was wrong before …
Thanks for the support