Samba share on Volumio 2.882

Hi there,

I just updated to Volumio 2.882 and would like to access my device using samba. If I connect to smb://volumio I can only see Internal Storage, NAS and USB folders, but I cannot access Volumio computer itself. As far as I know I should edit smb.conf file, but I just cannot figure out what to do there. Anyone?

Antti from Finland

Samba is for shared file access only ie. your music files mainly.

Volumio is a primarily a headless device, and it’s UI is accessed from a browser (or app) on any other device on the same network.

Have a read of the Quick Start Guide …

Hi, and thanks for your reply! I wanted to fool around there to make my PWM controlled fan work. Finally figured everything out. Seems like I got it done without breaking anything :innocent: