Samba drive mounts but no flac files added to library/recognised


I’m just experimenting with volumio whilst I wait for a pi to get delivered. So straight off the bat I’m going to hold my hands up and say that I’m currently running the latest x86 version via virtualbox. However, it seems to work, it’s bridged to my network just fine and I can access my plex server with no issues.

My problem is this…whilst the plex server I have (running on ubuntu server) is recognised straight away, it doesn’t display album artwork when browsing. I understand this is a ‘feature’ of the plex API. Anyway, I decided I would create a samba share for the same folder of FLACs. I can map this share (FLACshare) in volumio, but I have to add the option ‘vers=2.0’ for some reason. However, once I’ve done that, none of the files are recognised by volumio. I was expecting that once it had mapped to the share then it would start to add them to the library.

I’ve checked the file permissions on the samba share, I can mount it in W10 with the same credentials and access and play the flac files. I have also enabled SSH on volumio and ssh’d into it and the drive has mounted successfully.

It just seems like I’m missing something, how do I get volumio to read the directory and subdirectories full of FLAC files within this share?

I appreciate that this might be a problem created by the VM but it seems to be running fine in all other regards. All help much appreciated!