Salutations from Utah

Hi. I’m working on a sort of jukebox thing, primarily for a headphone listening station.

I started with a commercial touchscreen system purchased off of eBay - it was originally a kiosk in a department store that was supposed to help customers pick colors of makeup.

Right now all that is left of the original kiosk is the 15" USB (3M, evdev) touch panel, chassis, and power supply. By the time i’m done i may only be using the original touch panel and power supply.

I accidentally smoked the original LCD so it now has an old laptop 1400x1050 panel with an HDMI to LVDS converter.

I took out the original fanless intel atom board and have a raspberry pi 3b in the chassis powered by a small dc-dc converter hung off the original 12v supply.

The Pi has a PiFi Digi+ on it.

It’s working pretty well with LibreElec but I’m not sure Kodi is the way i want to go with it so i am going to try Volumio as well. I mean, part of me wants to be able to play videos on it, and part of me knows that i don’t want to watch videos on it.

So I’m hoping that evdev touchscreens work.