running Volumio and Logitech Media Server in parallel

I have been running Volumio on and Rasberry-Pi i.c.w. the HifiBerry DAC. All is running fine, but now I want to use also Logitech Media Server (LMS) for my Squeezebox Touch. The installation is simple and I can use LMS and Volumio in parallel. Although I have one problem: the default port for LMS is 9000 and so is this port used for PHP5-FPM. Now LMS is using another port (9003) but this is a problem for my Remote Control program on my tablet which expects port 9000. I have tried to find a way to alter the default port of PHP5-FPM, but I did not succeed. Is there a way to do this?

Found it:
I was reading several linux-pages and found that I needed to find a way to change php5-fpm and nginx as those are the ones that are using port 9000. (“netstat -pa” gave me that information).

  • first I changed the port 9000 in /etc/php5/fpm/pool.d/display.conf to 9003 (9001 and 9002 are already in use in command.conf and db.conf)
  • then I changed the port 9000 in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf to 9003

I stopped LMS, php5-fpm and nginx and started again in the same order.

Now LMS is working via port 9000 and Volumio can be entered on the IP-address (where nginx diverts to 9003 and opens the Volumio-display).

But after a reboot the changes were back to the defaults … ???

After reading some other questions in the Forum I find out that I needed to make the changes to nginx and php5-fpm in the tree /var/www/_OS_SETTINGS, so I changed it overthere and then it also works after a reboot. :smiley:


this sounds super interesting !
Indeed, I was planning to do this about one month before your post to access from my Squeezebox the music on my harddrive which is connected to the raspby . However, I horribly failed. No wonder, as I am completely dumb with respect to linux, raspbian etc.

I would really love to have LMS running on my volumio system, so would you be so kind to post a complete “how-to” which explains step-by-step the things to do and which would also be understandable for complete greenhorns?

That would be REALLY great !

Best regards,

(P.S.: to give you an idea, I once wrote the explanation how to install more webradios:
yes, I know it’s trivial, but I thought I could contribute something and it helped. Would be great to have more of this kind of “manuals” for volumio in the forum.)

This one was my original post:
I would delete it once I managed to get things running as you did.
Best regards,