Running the VM


I’ve followed instructions from github readme, using the vmware image.
It doesn’t work straight out of the box, running npm install fails while compiling some c code (that was for the “mdns” node dependency, not sure what it is…) ; but after a npm update I could get it installed.

Then I run as instructed node index.js but get an error:

/volumio/app/index.js:454 plugConf.push({name, status, config});

So I suppose my version of nodejs is bad… and indeed I have 0.12.0 whereas recommended is 5.5.0. Looks like upgrading nodejs would pull a lot of other dependencies, so I’m not sure if I should do it.

Is there a reason why the image doesn’t work out of the box? Isn’t it the recommended way to proceed, or is there some more up-to-date images available somewhere?

I’ve just seen this page which seems to be more up-to-date than the readme…

What’s the main entry point for new developers? I’ve also seen a GH issue ( … nvironment.

Readme, wiki, website, forum… it’s a maze for newcomers :slight_smile:

I want to help on that and clean up the readme, just tell me if you’re ok to promote the doc as the main entry point