Run out of space, so cloned to bigger SD card. Cannot expand the partition

I like to have all the music files on the SD card, but ran out of space. So I cloned the image to a bigger SD card, using Win32 Diskimager. The SD card starts volumio2, but I do not see the full size under “overlay.”

raspi-config does not work because the command not found. What should I do? I do not want to copy all my music files again onto this sd card. Just to copy the new mp3 files.

You can install raspi-config

Pretty sure it’s “sudo apt-get install raspi-config” (without the ")

Obviously you’ll need to ssh into the Pi first

Try the following and reboot

touch /boot/resize-volumio-datapart

Thanks to both of you! But which one will resize “overlay?” I don’t want to have it create another partition or resize other partition…

This is what the above flag does if you are curious…

This worked! Thank you.