RPI4 Qobuz and Tidal issues

Newby here. Been using RPI4 (USB connection to Gustard X16 DAC) with version 2 of Volumio with Tidal I set up several months ago. The whole process was pretty easy to set up and I enjoyed the project and have not had too many issues except one - dropouts. Updating the firmware on my router (had been a few years since update if ever) fixed the dropout issues I was having and sound quality greatly increased.

For the holiday I started with Qobuz - December 23rd I think. Works on my phone app and computers fine. However I could not get to play at all on Volumio. I signed in… app said all was well and I was connected… also on my phone app same thing and I could see the Volumio / Gustard device in the Qobuz app. Had the checkmark next to it… but will only play on the computer or phone and would not play on Volumio.

In searching for solutions I noticed there was the version 3 update for Volumio so since I have time off I upgraded. All went well. However afterward Qobuz is no different - won’t connect. And now Tidal will not play about half my playlists - no matter MQA or not, and often just stops playing (didn’t do this before).

So I feel I’ve tried all I can and read online about it but not seeing any fixes for this. Any help would be welcome.

I’m guessing here that you are trying to control Qobuz on Volumio using the Qobuz app on your phone? This would need Qobuz Connect in Volumio, which does not exist (yet.) Tidal Connect does exist so you can control Tidal on Volumio via the Tidal app.
If you control Volumio directly via its own app or web interface you see Qobuz as just another source and you can play favourites, playlists or purchases from there. This is what I am doing and it works fine.