RPI4 not booting after update to v. 2.878

I have just updated my Volumio OS to 2.878 in order to access the Tidal connect feature but my RPI4 never booted back up after the update. I went to my network and noticed that its IP address is not showing ? Then to keep an open mind, I flashed a new card and bang!, NO, still nothing.
Please help as I hate not having music and Volumio is kind of exclusive here.

I have a pi 3 with a DAC. Whenever I need to reboot or I lose power I need to leave it unplugged for 30 minutes then plug it back in. It’s weird and annoying but it works.

Same problem with RPi1 - very similar to the problem from August 2019 update where after update RPi will not boot

Where can we download version 2.873 and rollback ?


Great Thanks - I’ll reinstall this weekend and report back

Same here: after latest update both a Pi Zero and Zero W in my network seem to be bricked. No idea how to fix this yet. Indeed, maybe a roll-back to the previous version works and wait for a fix…

Reverting to 2.873 on RPi1 fixed the problem. There is clearly a problem with the RPi 2.878 images.

Both Zero’s were recovered by returning to 2.873. I have a RPi3 running 2.878 with no issues.

After installing release 2.878 for both my Raspberry pi 4, there is a pop up banner for Tidal that is causing both units to immediately stop playback of any audio and i am unable to resume doing anything until a full reboot.

It happens right as a Tidal popup banner scrolls across the upper right corner of the browser interface. Doesnt matter what source im listening to. Im a Volumio ‘superstar’ user and I dont use Tidal. This appears to be an intrusive ad thats effectively disabling the player every 20 minutes. In sources, Ive set Tidal not to show up, but that hasnt helped. I dont see any other settings to change. Is anyone else seeing this?

@Martinvb @Arne There’s just been a 2.882 release to fix the issues on Pi0/Pi1.

Tested it on my Pi Zero W and it upgrades and plays fine there.

Details in this thread.

Thanks, also to the folks @volumio for their quick respons (even in the weekend). Will try it out later today.

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i use VERSION: 2.882 at RPi1 clean written on SD-Card, i can boot now

Upgrade to 2.882 on RPi1 successful