RPi4 + Kali/Piano2 ... is resampling necessary?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.882
Hardware: RPi4B 2GB
DAC: Piano 2.1

Just swapped out a Sparky for a RPi4 in the old Allo Vana player (sparky-kali-piano 2.1-volt), and found playback problems (white noise) unless I enable resampling. This wasn’t the case with the Sparky. Anyone with a similar experience, or can explain why please?

Also, while I’m posting, I can’t find any documentaion of the various Piano 2.1 DSP options anywhere.

Thanks @dvo but I have already seen that. It has little or no information on what the options actually do. Is it just a “suck it and see” approach as to what various filters do? I find that a bit odd.

allo only shows sparky … vana manual :
// Amazon Drive
// Amazon Drive

on this forum they have a lot of your piano 2.1


@Volumio @Allo

I used the Piano from when it first became available as a used part (to reduce costs). It worked fine up to Volumio v2.389 (or some version later) also with Kali (even 24Bit) - and all options have been available (e.g. Dual Mono). Very impressive sound.

Some day - i don’t remember the exact version number of Volumio the Kali began to produce noise with 24 Bit. It has been reported that the kernel has changed and therefore it is not longer possible to use the Kali without resampling to 32Bit (never found an explanation for that kernel change).

Later things gone even worse since Volumio lost the DSP options in the GUI to do the settings for the Piano 2.1 (Dual Mono in my case).

That is not fixed properly until now.

I do have the impression that the communication between Allo and the Volumio team has broken or none of them is able to fix the problem - leaving the customers alone…

I tested with v3 beta and found very odd issues i already reported on the Beta RPI thread.

No one answered to that.

I really hope that this could be fixed in v3 - i guess both Allo + Volumio team will be required to take care of that.

And if only someone could explain that kernel change that made it impossible to use the Kali without resampling to 32 Bit.

Unfortunately i bought quite a couple of “Kali-Piano2.1” combinations. Now i am lost with ancious versions of Volumio to be able to use them. A sad thing.

I think Allo should not leave their customers lost with that - and it would be nice if some Volumio developer could take care on that…

That’s the sad story with Kali and Piano 2.1.

I wonder how Tim Curtis went around the issue ???
Isn’t it possible to work together with him ? ( I know he uses a completely other approach…)
I would love to be able some day (e.g. when Volumio 3 is ready) to use the Kali-Piano2.1 devices again together along with Volumio.

Best Regards

It is a sad story, and I understand that there are problems … but mine went away. I have no explanation other than blaming myself for whatever reason. I reflashed a Volumio image (2.882) and reassembled the player, because I wanted to include a cooling fan for my RPi4, and it’s now working without resampling. Just wondering what to look forward to in moving onto Buster; we’ll see.

Hi Chsims1,

Good news :slight_smile:

Thank you - i will try asap - tomorrow .
Do you also have set to Dual Mono ?


Nope, I didn’t use that option anyway, but it is no longer there in any case as you reported earlier.

o.k . - so i will stay hoping to get that Dual Mono mode back one day.
Anyway i will test Kali with 24Bit.
2 different issues for sure - also fine if 1 of them is solved.

Edit: i tested with v2.882 and 2.884-beta: Dual mode is back again
Still have to resample to 32Bit for using KALI - otherwise noise only