RPI4 + Allo BOSS + 7" display unpredictable state after restart

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.861
Hardware: RPI 4B 1GB RAM
Display: RPI official 7" display

I’ve repeatable problem that after restart of RPI I’ve got error or I’m losing mixer type settings and do not have volume control. I’ve seen some topics about problems in co-operation of Allo Boss with 7" display, and I come to a point where I would like to finally decide if there is any chance for this config to work or should I use another DAC to have it working with the display. The display is a must in my config.

Today I’ve installed the fresh copy of volumio (Version 2.861 dated Dec 22 2020). Installation went smoothly without any problems. I was able to select Allo BOSS as the I2S DAC card and after the setup is finished the device started to play. I had a full control over volume in Volumio. Mixer type is set to Hardware, Mixer Control name is set to Digital. No additional plugins installed so far.

After the first restart problem appeared. A try to start the web radio (do not think it is important, but I selected the first one from the list of Volumio selection radios) resulted in … ALSA device “hw: 2.0” … error and no playback.

After the second restart there was no error, the music was playing, but I’ve no control over volume in Volumio. Device is set to Allo Boss, the Mixer type is set to undefined. I could select Hardware from the list, but the Mixer Control Name was empty and when I click it disappeared (Now I know how to get the list populated back, but it will be described later on)

The third and subsequent restarts do not change the situation

What I also tested

  1. I found a similar topic here no music, but I think it is not the same case. Yes if I disconnect the display Volumio is stable and predictable after restart, but as I mentioned at the beginning I need the display for my setup.

  2. I do not think it is not a problem with power supply. It is USC C 3.1A. When by a chance the config works OK this configuration can work for days without any problem as long as I do not restart it.

  3. I did the exercise already many times, also with previous versions on volumio. This time with different memory card because somewhere I’ve seen that somebody had a writing errors and the configuration was not saved properly. Unfortunately, there is no change in the behavior.

  4. I’ve found in one article in the forum that change a DAC to anything else and back to Allo BOSS had helped somebody. So I changed the DAC card to R-PI DAC and saved. The Volumio forced restart of the device. After restart DAC is Set to R-PI DAC, and surprisingly Mixer Type was set to Hardware and Mixer control Name to Digital without my intervention. A try to play the internet radio succeeded.
    So, I’ve changed the the DAC card back to Allo BOSS and proceeded the restart. This time DAC Card was set to Allo BOSS, but the Mixer Type was undefined. Available options were only Software or None. A try to play the web radio failed with error

Another restart and this time no error, the DAC card selected was Allo BOSS, Mixer type - this time Hardware option was available, but Mixer Type Name list was empty. This time no sound.

Another restart and this time the web radio played correctly. I was able to select Hardware from Mixer type list, but list of Mixer Type Names is empty. Desperately I’ve clicked Save and surprise, surprise! The List of Mixer Type Names had been populated and I was able to select the Digital. After save the volume control works again in Volumio.

So, another restart, and DAC card was set to Allo BOSS, Mixer Type: Hardware, Mixer Type Name: Digital, but no sound after playing the web radio, there is also no error

Yet another restart and this time ALSA hw:2.0 error. Here I give up. :frowning_face:

Is there anything what I can change in the config or should I look for different DAC? If so, please advise which one should work with 7" display and RPI 4B.



When connecting the display did you use the dedictated cables for SDA and SCL? If so, try without them.

Gvolt you are my hero! It works perfectly! No problem after consecutive restarts. Many thanks!

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