Rpi3 / Volumio connecting to WAF Najda DSP X/O

I’m new to all this, although I have already got a Rpi3 and Hifiberry digi + up and running into the Spdif input.

I’m a DIY hifi lover who has evolved my system to a full 5 way active front loaded horn system.

My next project is to remove the Hifiberry and get a Kali clock module and wire straight into Najda’s I2S input.
I’ve already done that for WaveIO (usb to I2S converter module).

I know it’s been done as on the excellent WAF Najda forum there are posts about it and even the wiring.
Very similar to WaveIO…

If anyone is interested in the DiyAudio thread on Najda it’s here.


My question here is what should I select in Volumio to get a I2S signal out to WAF Najda (assuming the latter is supported).
I have Hifiberry selected at the moment.

Here’s my system

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Hehe, a couple of years passed.
Not much interest here about this thread…

Anyway, an update.
I’ve had Kali working nicely for a long time.
I connect it using really short pin to pin hookup wires. 4cm in fact!
Recently I put in silver wire! Overkill, perhaps 7% better conductivity😂

I2S is a great signal path input to the Najda dsp dac.

Firstly with Spotify / connect and some flac files on a USB stick in my router.

I cleaned up all the power supplies to good linear, even the router🙄 (I know), and went Lan instead of wi-fi.
These things improved the sound quite a bit.

I started using Qobuz about 10 months ago full time. Def. improvement for me.

I tried a Chromecast Audio modded with LAN and linear psu. Sounded pretty good.
Then put a £££’s Mutec reclocker on the CCA. Big improvement in calmness and it just sounding right.
Only trouble is that CCA gives dropouts at 24/96 into the Mutec, but not into the Najda DSP DAC.
Back to Volumio RPi and Kali, I recently added a second earth between Kali and Najda and it has made an improvement!

In A/B tests I cannot hear difference between the two set ups (apart from the CCA dropouts). Both are very good indeed.

I was getting frustrated with Volumio user interface, esp if compared to the Qobuz app!

The Volumio app is a step forward. A bit laggy on the what’s playing now info, but otherwise it works just fine on my Google Pixel XL.

I wonder if there are any other tweaks to get even better, calmer, well ordered sound.