RPi2 or RPi B+?

Hi there,

is there any difference from the perspective of Volumio if it used with a Raspberry Pi 2 or a Raspberry Pi B+? Does the better performance of the RPI2 show any difference in usage? If no, why should one use a RPi2?
I am intending to use the HifiBerry in connection with Volumio.

Thanks a lot for your answers,

Volumio is designed to work properly with any RPI. You won’t have any difference on how it sounds. The only thing it’s that if you want oversample with high quality, it costs a lot of cpu time… and a RPI2 should be better. But in this case (oversampling) you are not “bit perfect” …
It could be useful to have a bit more power if you want (in the future) to do some room correction which need a lot of cpu as well.
But once again, to listen high quality flac or mp3 or Spotify or radio, no difference…

Merci balbuze for your quick reply.
Originally I thought about getting the B+ to use less current and because it’s cheaper. But I decided to use a Pi2 now because I read they are about the same in energy consumption. Even though I believe I will neither use oversampling nor room correction for the moment. But who knows…