RPI2 /hifiberry Dac+Pro /LCD control panel

Hi everyone,new to this forum and new to raspberry+Volumio+ DAC extension,having no IT background(just use it for leisure as most of us here)please excuse the “stupid” questions.I want to use the hifiberry Dac+Pro(which will use the GPIO emplacement of the RPI)with an LCD screen/control panel(which will be connected with a ribbon to reach the 26 pins display connector.Has anyone done it successfully or encountered compatibility issues between Volumio 0.979(last version)and this LCD screen sold by Kuman(amazon.fr/screen-Display-Mo … 127&sr=1-5)?

I have the same LCD and cant get it to work.
The driver that is shipped with the display dowsnt seem to work… :frowning:

Although not the combination you components you specify, I have tried an Adafruit PiTFT 3.5" and an Audiophonics style I2S DAC both connected via the RaspPi2 GPIO and running Volumio.

DAC - ebay.com/itm/Audiophonics-DA … SwBahVNmMm

Although the PiTFT and the DAC do not share any common GPIO pins there was an extremely loud “white noise” interference during music playback. The music could be heard to play at the normal volume level, but with extremely loud white noise almost drowning it out. I think this white noise was caused due to interference from the TFT backlight; and the TFT started to have backlight issues (screen went dark etc).

The PiTFT is powered off the GPIO, but I did not try to power the TFT separately from the PI which may have stopped the interference.

This sounds very much like something I’m trying - how did you get the 3.5" screen working with Volumio?

I’m using Volumio 1.55 and I followed the PiTFT detailed install instructions from here: learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-pit … ed-install

These instructions didn’t work on Volumio 2, but I would be interested to know if it can be made to work on Volumio 2 as i would like to upgrade.

This is my Volumio project: