RPi2 doesn't boot with Meridian and 2400mAh PSU

Yesterday I got my RPi2 and I was suprised that the Pi did not boot with connected Meridian Explorer (it´s the “old” resp. first version) and my 1,5A / 12V PSU.

Ok, I thought I take my iPad charger (5V / 2.4A) … but no boot.

Next try: PSU from my FireTV (6V / 2.5A) … and the RPi boots without any problem.

I´am really suprised and never expected this because my old RPi B+ boots with connected Meridian without any problem on my (1,5A / 12V) PSU.

Is the new RPi2 so much more power consuming than the old B+? Has anyone the same experience with the new RPi2?

should be nearly the same: http://raspi.tv/2015/raspberry-pi2-power-and-performance-measurement

I wouldn´t say - sorry. Alex compares the CPU power and the consumption of power for the cores. He tells, that the RPi2 consumes maximum 350mA. This makes in sum 1400mA on 5.18-5.19V (max CPU load).

It doesn´t give me a reason why the RPi2 isn´t able to boot with a 2400mA PSU.

Have a Meridian Explorer 2 which worked fine with a Pi2 using a iPad charger it was just when i added a WIFi Dongle into the mix my Pi wouldn’t boot so got myself a better power supply (5V 2A Ultra HQ USB Power Supply) and alls fine now

Can you tell me which PSU you bought?

I guess this one:

Thats the one

modmypi.com/raspberry-pi/acc … -supply-uk

UK version. I could have know looking at your profile :laughing:

Not sure what gives it away :smiley: