RPi1.2 Volume control bug

When looking at the new beta 1.2, I tried the various controls, and the volume control mixer can’t be set to ‘disabled’; if you try, you get an immediate 404 error from nginx 1.2.1.
The MPD database still has a problem showing the first FLAC file in a directory; I’ve got so many missing tracks that I simply don’t use the web UI for track/playlist management any more.

Is a bug that has been corrected… You can update with the latest on github and you’ll be fine!

An additional volume control problem: Set volume to 80 percent on the Playback screen in the web GUI. Reboot the Raspberry Pi. The web GUI shows the volume is 80 percent, but the output volume is really 100 percent. To prove this, go to the Playback screen and click on the increase volume icon. The GUI will show 81 percent and the output volume will go down, not up. It appears that the GUI knows the last volume setting, but the player is initialized to 100 percent, not the last setting.

Version: VolumioPIBeta1.2.zip from SourceForge
(The credits.php page shows “release version: Beta1.11”)