Rpi1.1: mpd crashes while running python script

I’m using Volumio for a few months on my Raspberry Pi and i really like it! Additionally i want to control the ambient light in my living room using the Python Blinkstick 0.7.0 package.
I wrote (one of my first) python script which morphs to an random color in an endless loop:

from blinkstick import blinkstick
bstick = blinkstick.find_first()
while True:
  bstick.morph(name="random", duration=500)

If I run only this script (mpd stopped) everything works fine, as expected.
If i only listen to music via mpd everything is also fine.

But if I start the python script while listening to music via mpd, my raspberry crashes with the following error:

I tried the following steps without success:

  • Use a 5V/2A power supply (my old one had just 1A)
  • Update MPD Version to 0.18.8, as described in this forum

Any Ideas? Thanks for help, Fets

The following “solution” is working for me:

See: http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=67286&p=494799