Hi All,

ran sudo rpi-update to update the firmware of my PI 2, now volumio wont boot at all.

Any ideas?

What does it do? Do you have a way to reach the console? Otherwise just flash and try again…

Btw. I have I question myself. Why use rpi-update instead of apt-get update and upgrade? Those should upgrade your firmware as well…

Unless you are very sure that you know what you are doing, don’t attempt to update Volumio through the regular Raspbian update procedures. You will be very likely to break the system (as you have found).

Volumio is highly optimised and this means that it doesn’t necessarily use the latest versions of all packages.

My advice would be to stick to the updates via the Volumio UI :wink:

rpi-update is a script created by Raspbian for “an easier way” of updating the firmware. Why it is considered “easier” you will have to Google.

Yes I always thought it was a little hack that was once created and that it is not recommended to use it. Unless the op has a good reason to use it. One example could be a need to be on the bleeding edge for development.