RPi media center, advice needed


I’m planning to build a audio based (but video capable) streamer with Rapsberry Pi3. It’s been a couple of month now that I own one with Volumio2 installed (and kodi 16 player on top) and almost everything works fine. (I will bother with software optimisation later on)

Now is the time to get a little more “serious”, with a DAC hat, psu, hdd,… and here is where the questions begins to rise!

  • For the DAC hat I’m planning to buy a Mamboberry ls.

  • The hdd I was thinking of the WDlabs 1Tb
    wdlabs.wd.com/products/wd-pidriv … t-edition/
    I think that is optimised to work with raspberry Pi and the little cable (that gives power to the HDD and Pi and transmit data) that comes with it’s kinda handy. Any better solution? (ssd not really an option, I want to maximize space and minimize costs…)

  • And now the psu…
    I don’t remember on which post I saw the link of the teddyreg
    TeddyReg | DIY | TeddyPardo
    and seems to me a good start point (I must admit I don’t have much experience with power supplies). I saw in other posts that the Ifi Ipower it’s a winner but there’s no much diy involved there .

I was thinking to have two power supplies, one for the hdd/pi using a lt1083 for higher current, and the teddyreg for the mamboberry.
Is that possible (on the mamboberry website they say that only one psu is needed, but i think there is a way to separate the two) and is that worth it?

Finally I will like to have a on off button and here I have no clue. I’ve read projects that use some script, others “sensing” the power from the PI directly and control a relay. Someone can point me in a right direction here?

Any help, advice or idea is welcome!

I wish you all a nice day

Little update on the psu and switch:

The psu consist in a Toroidal 30VA 2x12V, one rail goes to Teddyreg for the Mamboberry, the other one to the lt1083 reg. for Pi and hdd.

I found this circuit for the switch:

The problem is that is using it after the psu. I don’t think is wise to have all the psu continuously live.

Can I use the same idea with a relay before the toroidal transformer?
(ie using this module sunfounder.com/sunfounde…h-trigger.html)

Or am I totally wrong?