RPi 7" LCD works but upside down or cursor back to front

Ive installed a RPi 7" LCD screen to my RPi 3 and have it working ok but the case mounting means the screen is upside down as its a desk type mounting and the HDMI and power cables etc come out the top - so must rotate everything 180 degrees.

So I just thought I would edit the /boot/config.txt with


which worked fine but the mouse/cursor now moves 180 degrees out of sync with ones finger, so any idea how to reverse this too?

I just found this option… which appears to have a better result


so I am now running some tests with this…happy so far tho

Installed into an Element14 RPi 7" LCD desktop case with IQAudIO DigiAMP+ and using the P6 header for the DCV, SDA and SCL signals

Had to modify the case to get access to the DigiAMP connections for power and speakers…

Interesting case, where did you get it?

Element14 aka Farnell

Hello wizardofoz,

your project looks great. I have some questions to your player

  • What power supply are you using
  • Are you using the original raspberry 7" touch disply? Are you satisfied with it?

Thank you for your answers

I’m using the iqaudio 19v smps but I will also build a linear mode supply at some stage.

Pretty happy with the setup and yes it’s the RPi 7" display made by RPi.