RPI 4b 8 GB with volumio-2.806-2020-07-29-pi.img

Errors on boot saying files missing or corrupt.
Raspberry Pi 4b 8 GB
volumio-2.806-2020-07-29-pierror loading Volumio

I really want to try Volumio as it sounds like it is what I am looking for. Please help.

ATM a little hack seems to be required as described by oxo.

This might be a solution for a Pi head but as a noob I don’t know how to extract files from on OS to another. Sorry. If there is a simple solution and or steps please let me know.

You can also download the older 2.7xx image install that, and then upgrade. I ended up doing that.

Thanks I will do that. Have ordered more micro SD cards should have them Wed. Only finding 2.698 hope that will work.

You can reimage on top of existing SD card as well.

Solution: Downloaded the same version again and reimage the SD card and it loaded with no issues. All files just worked. And now that it is working Volumio has far exceeded my expectations.
Thanks for the help.