RPi 4 firmware update/verification

Due to the RPi4 temperature issue, Rpi foundation released three firmwares to solve this problem. Does the Volumio update the firmware on its releases or it is necessary to update it manually?

Is there any way to verify and/or perform this firmware update procedure through the Volumio?



After some research, I decided to perform the procedure to install Raspbian and update the eeprom based on the instructions given in this link:
seeedstudio.com/blog/2019/1 … than-ever/

After that I reinstall the Volumio. Everything is running OK.

Only thing that I would like Volumio team to confirm is that it reinstalling the Volumio, will it reprogramming the eeprom entirely?



Can volumio team confirms?
I have a RPI4 on my way and would like to know as well.


Not a full answers, but for info, the plugin “systeminfo” gives information about your hardware and for RPI the version of the firmware.
You’ll find it in the “miscellana” section of installable plugin.

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Thanks by your response.
I will verify it.