RPi 4 + D10 Not being detected in the UI

I just setup Volumio on my RPi 4 and I plugged my Topping D10 into it and I’m not seeing any option to select the D10 as the output device. Do I need to SSH into Volumio and change some setting or select it manually? The D10 is getting power and I have it plugged into the USB 2.0 port right now.

In a first time, no SSH. Have you tried to plug the Dac and then power the Rpi?

That’s what I did when I did the initial setup. I’ve also rebooted several times. I’ll go ahead and shut down the pi, unplug and replug the dac, then power up the Pi and try again.

No luck, still just says HDMI or Headphone out

you are on volumio2?


Not sure the DAC is supported with this version. It uses an old kernel… If you can try with a buster beta, it would be interesting : https://updates.volumio.org/pi/volumiobuster/3.054/Volumiobuster-3.054-2021-03-09-pi.zip

I’ll give it a shot

Success, recognized it right away and is working without any issues now. Thank you for the help.

don’t forget it’s a beta… no plugin available and possible issue… but the good point is that your DAC is supported :wink:

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