RPi 3b+ boot issue after restart

Hello. I flashed the latest image version of Volumio on a 16gb micro sd card. FIRST boot (install) with no problems with I2S PI2Media 502 Dac and attached USB HDD. All music on HDD is available in library. All works and the sound comes out from I2S Dac. But when i restart or shutdown Volumio from web interface, it will no longer boot. Why is this happening? I tried also to make the FIRST boot (install) without USB HDD and Dac, all was also fine, but after reboot from web interface, Volumio will no longer boot. What is the problem? I readed many post where people had problems with 3B+ on reboot, but when all works in first boot, why it can not boot the second time? Is this problem not solved in latest Volumio version? Has anybody similar issues?

After replacing the micro sd card the problem has gone.