Rpi 3 with extra wifi dongle

first i just wanted to say the latest volmio v2 is brilliant, i have been using volumio in the past and switched to Squeezelight because i couldnt achieve exactly what i wanted but i just tried the v2 and it is really well designed and so much easier to customize!
So my issue is that i have a rpi 3 with volumio v2, iam using it at work without a screen. We have a public wifi at work where i can connect my phone and the rpi but the router is configured so i can’t access volumio. So iam using the hotspot, but of course then i cant connect the rpi to the public wifi at the same time and listen to the radio then …
I have an extra wifi dongle compatible with the rpi, would it be possible to use the wifi dongle to connect to the public wifi and the rpi wifi as a hotspot?