RPi 3 with Ayre Codex DAC Error ALSA after 5 seconds


I am new to RPi and Volumio. Currently, I came to the state that I can have the DAC working when I started up the system where I can hear the startup sound and the bit rate show on My Ayre Codex is displayed at 44 which is correct. Then I was trying to play the music (Flac 16bits 44kHz) from my external HDD which external power supply connected to the HDD. It played only 5 second then I got Error cannot open audio output /ALSA and the Codex displayed as it doesnot connect to the source but the screen keep playing the file with no sound came out. When I stoped then I heard a 5 second of music again.

Originally, I cannot even make the dac working. I have to run the first startup wizard and select Ayre as audio output and restart then, I came to this point.

Please kindly help me on this. I really want to get it working.

Thanks and regards,


I have got RHA DACAMP L1 working but not with Ayre Codex. Here is the log :