RPI 3 and USB DAC without problems?

Is it possible to use RPI 3 and volumio 2 with a USB DAC and play hi res files (24/192) without sound problems?

Setup would be wifi and a USB HD containing the files to be played.

The reason i ask is because i cannot get volmio 2 to work on my Cubox-i4.

RPi USB is not very suitable to drive an USB DAC. This is because the RPi has a single on-the-go USB output. Some people do report feeding an USB DAC without problems, but a lot do. If your DAC has other inputs like SPDIF (coaxial as optical only goes to 24/96), you have better changes feeding it via an I2S SPDIF board on your RPi.

Offcourse, best is to try :slight_smile:

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Anyone have a good answer before I buy a RPI 3, I already have older PI:s running volumio 2 with Hifiberry DIGI and DAC, but I need
an USB connection for this particular project.

By the way I run 24/192 files without problems over TOSlink.