RPI 3 + Allo DAC + Reclocker

Hi, i have some issue to make this config works

Raspberry RPI3
ALLO - PIANO Hi-Fi DAC (i’ve changed the switcher for RPI compatibilty “on”)
ALLO - Kali i2s Reclocker

what should i put inside “playback option” ?
I’ve tried “Piano DAC” but got the message “failed to output audio”

many thanks !

Please use RaspyDACV3, let me know

PS: The driver for allo is being worked out as we speak, on which Volumio version are you?

Ok thanks, i’ll try tonight
yes, very last version, installed it 3 days ago

working fine with RaspyDACV3
not with Allo DAC or Allo 2.1
Many thanks
great sound !