RP4+JDS Labs OL DAC = no sound

Hi, I recently started using Volumio with my Technics amp and some Dali speakers.

I’ve bought a used JDS Labs OL DAC (USB), that is connected to my old receiver via phono and to the RP4 via USB-A with external power.

Issue: I get no sound out at all

Tried: Reflashing to clean installation of Volumio, and upgrading to ver. 3. Rebooting all three devices

Volumio finds the OL DAC and displays everything as if it is working. Tracks also play fine from multiple sources, but there is no sound.
I have confirmed that the inputs on the receiver work with another device… any ideas?

I did have this working briefly when I just received the OL DAC, but now it doesn’t anymore…


Ich schreibe mal auf deutsch, weil dein Nick auf deutschsprachiges hinweist? Meinst du wirklich den Phono Eingang? Oder generell Cinch?

Hi Sorry, yes I am half-german :stuck_out_tongue: But will keep it in english so everyone can understand. I mean normal “cinch” or what we call phono here in Denmark. Probably RCA to the US.

Ok. I thought you connected to the MM/MC input for turntables. Sorry…then I have no idea.

Apologies for asking the obvious, the switch on the front l is in the “USB” position?

Pretty sure there isn’t a switch on it. Will check when I get home

Checked now, there is no switch or options of any kind on the DAC :thinking:

Not sure what happened. I put the OL DAC in a different USB on the rpi and stopped and restarted a few songs and now I get sound output. I also put the startup volume at 100.
Very weird…almost seems to be a bug of some sort.

I was looking at the wrong model. There is a USB+Optical edition. Glad you got it working.