Routing output audio stream to pulseaudio

Hello everybody,

I am looking for a way how it would be possible to route all audio that is played by Volumio to be sent to pulseaudio for processing and then let pulseaudio play that sound on sound card. So far i was able to reroute shairport-sync (airplay) audio and MPD audio by editing config of shairport to use pulseaudio and using local RTP stream with MPD but this way it has many downsides. Is there a way to route all audio from Volumio system to a pulseaudio?

Thank you


Yes, thanks to the new Volumio’s AAMPP facility you can create a plugin which does just that:

Let us know how it goes and if you need some suggestions.

Thank you, i appreciate your answer, AAMPP is a way of how to customize Volumio ALSA configuration, and that is great.
But iam struggling because i dont know how that ALSA configuration should look. Do you have any suggestion how could alsa config look if i would want to send all audio from all sources not to soundcard but to pulseaudio backend? Thank you