Rotary encoder problems

I have tried 2 different rotary encoders, one with resistors on pcb and one without.
The problem is the push/switch isnt working, nothing happens when i push it.
I have tried the plugin in volumio but also one from github with oled screen.

Is there a particular rotary encoder that works better than other?

Others that had the problem and got it fixed?


We going to need a little bit of context:

  • what is your platform? (X86, pi, other?)
  • what version of Volumio are you running?
  • what plug-ins (and versions) have you tried?
  • what is the expected outcome? Did you set any action? What does the log say? Is input detected?
  • what kind of encoder are you using? I’m using Keyes KY-040 for example
  • are you using any HATs? A DAC maybe?
  • what pins are you using?

It’s hard to tell without more information :wink: