Rotary encoder on IQAudio PiDigiAmp+ (old version)

Hi all,

it’s been a while since I last had the time to play with RPis and Volumio and I am really impressed by the progress both have made.

I still an old version of the PiDigiAmp+ by IQAudio, the one with the 10-pin GPIO. In the past, I had managed to connect both, an roty encoder and a HD44780 display via those 10 pins, so now I would like to use them in combination with the rotary encoder plugin.

Problem is, that I don’t have any clue which GPIO pins are available on this 10 pin header and I cannot find any documentation on it. So if anyone still has the GPIO description of the old amp, or even better: is using it himself with a rotary encoder, any help would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance!