I can’t believe a search of the ENTIRE forum produces zero results! Please add support for Rhapsody. Spotify seems to have taken over the subscription market with more and more devices supporting it, but I’ve been a happy Rhapsody subscriber for years and would be even happier if it were integrated into Volulmio.

Thanks for considering the suggestion!

Does it have any sort of Linux client or a way to connect to the streams without a browser?
If not, it should be made before it could be added. Since you are the first even mentioning rhapsody I don’t think the usebase here is big enough for the devs to make it or you could make it.

If I knew how to make it I wouldn’t be asking for it. :smiley: I don’t know anything about the mechanics of how it works or whether it will work outside of a web browser, desktop client (for Windows only, I think), or mobile app.

Yup, they only have a Windows client and clients for the mobile platform. A quick search didn’t show me any thing that points to a Linux implementation other than browser and a old work around / browser fix