Return to touch screen "home" page

Sorry for asking a bunch. I’ve got it working well, just sorting out some of the “tweaks.”

Today’s foray into my stupidity is the Rasppi Official 7" Touch screen. Working fine as is the plug-in.

My question of the day is: when I navigate away from the bootup/home page, how do I get back to it. None of the other menus or pages seem to let me get back to it.

Thanks as always to dvo and the rest of the great community!

what menu do you want to reach?
or do you want to reach the display screen with the song text image ect?

The one found on this page (it’s a little different now): Raspberry PI Display and Volumio: a touchscreen music player · Volumio

When Volumio boots, this page comes up but as noted, if I navigate away from it - oops - found it. Swipe right!
I assumed that there should be an icon, a navigation arrow or drag up/down. Wrong, as usual.

Thanks for trying to come to my rescue, again!

otherwise you have the settings or browse but swiping is possible too.