Return to the same spot on albums page

I have a small issue that I was curious if there is a fix for. If I am looking through the albums page and choosing individual albums to play, after the album has finished playing, every time I go back to the albums page, it defaults back to the very top of the page. Thus I have to scroll down through a large list to return to where I was.
Is there any settings I could correct so that if I go back to the albums page from the album I played, it will remember that spot and return to it?
I know this is a trivial concern to most, but if there is a easy resolve, it would be much appreciated.

Hello again,

So am I to understand that there is no one else having this issue?
It is becoming more annoying as time passes. I find it odd that there is no way to fix this.
I compare it to shopping on Amazon. Lets say you are scrolling through the large number of items on Amazon as you are planning to buy something, and you are 1/2 way through the page of items and this one item catches your eye. You click on it to investigate if it is something you would like. Sadly it is not what you want at this time so you back out of it to the original list, and there you are at the top of the page again where you started. So now you need to scroll through the whole page until you see the item you originally clicked on so you can continue your search. Annoying.
This is what Volumio is doing to me.

Again. Am I the only one with this issue?

Any feedback would be appreciated.