Resume playback after AirPlay


Forum search ignores “airplay” term (says it is too common), so I am not sure if this suggestion has already been posted.
I have seen this feature in MOode player and I think it is amazing for users using AirPlay.

For instance, you have a play list playing and then someone wants to play something from their phone through AirPlay.
When AirPlay is finished, Volumio should resume playback where it was before AirPlay was initiated.
Otherwise, I have to open volumio and continue play list playback manually each time someone uses AirPlay.

I absolutely love Volumio 2.0 and is currently my favorite RasPi player.
Besides resume after AirPlay, there are only two features I miss:

  • scroll to current in playlist (basically a button that would scroll to currently playing song)
  • search in playlist - sometimes in large playlist search would be great. Global search is nice, but it seems it does not search playlist / queue, so I can only duplicate items in queue

Best regards and keep up this amazing work,

I totally agree that AirPlay should be integrated really better.

If it’s possible the interface should display that an AirPlay stream is playing see the image attached.


Music playing should be on hold and automatically playing back after.

I don’t know what data we can exactly get from an AirPlay stream: music data? airplay emitter?

What do you think?


Not sure what exactly AirPlay supports, but I tried it on Yamaha AV receiver and sees track name, artist, track length and current position.
It is possible there are more data available through AirPlay, but even this is more than enough.

Oh great, I think it depends if it’s an itunes stream / iphone stream or a system stream…


In my case I have even noticed that Volumio will play local files and airplay sources at the same time. I’d expect output for only one or the other.
Furthermore I agree with the added information, within Kodi it is possible to show more track information and show that an airplay source is playing. It would be great if this would be possible in Volumio as well. For me airplay/spotify are the most convenient sources of music to play.

Good luck with the development guys!