Restart crashes SD image

I am running Volumio 2.673 on a Pi 3 B+. If I chose Restart from any of the pop-ups, it corrupts my SD image. I have to re-flash and re-setup. VERY annoying. I learned to hit Continue, then Shutdown, unplug and let it reboot. However, I just did an Update to 2.692 and it forced a restart. Now it will not boot at all! Touchscreen is on but no text or graphics and activity light not coming on.

I am flashing the fresh download from the website so I can go set everything up yet again!

Is this a known issue? Do I need different hardware?

I’m running 2.692 on Pi3 B+, there are some known problems like Alsa warning after each restart and possibly not working volume control (I don’t use it), but never had card corruption except if unplugged power during boot. I would suggest to test it on different card - best of known brand. If it not help tray to use different power supply - Pi 3B+ has high pulse current draw - I needed to put 1000uF electrolytic capacitor near board or there where constant low voltage warnings displayed on hdmi monitor attached to board (yellow lightening).

@craigtone, as @charly mentions, do really make sure to use a proper power supply.
Startup is critical, because this is where a lot of power is needed depending on your configuration.
When using hdmi and perhaps a usb hdd device as well, make sure you have a 5V3A at least.
Lower rated power supplies are known to cause boot problems and sd card corruptions.