responsive design


Im currently evaluating volumio on a borrowed raspberry pi. Im trying to decide wether to go for an expensive sonos connect or a cheap Pi + rashberry digi + volumio.

For now, im kinda liking it, but i must say i am a bit disappointed in the web gui. I like its minimalistic design, but it needs major usability tweaking on mobile devices. I am using the GUI on a 4th generation ipad, and some things are really odd, like the tiny buttons you need to press when you want to add a song to the playlist.

Im a web developer myself so i could help out, but i currently have too many spare-time-projects already.

Not bashing, just wanted to give some honest feedback, and if i do find the time to fiddle with the GUI i will let you know (also depends on whether i go raspy or sonos …)

Have you tried any of these apps (h/t esseki

Mpdroid on Android ( … roid&hl=fr),
Mpod on Iphone (
Mpad on Ipad (

I use Mpdroid, and apart from some annoying reconnection issues it works fine.