Resell / Transfer Superstar licence?

Dear Volumio,
due to buying a new device with integrated streaming, i am ging to sell my Volmio Primo device in the near future. I purchased the Primo about a year ago with a lifetime superstar license, which will be useless for me without the Primo.

Are there any concerns about selling the licence with the Primo and is there an official way to transfer the license? Or will it be enough to just change the name and email in the backend for the new owner?

Thanks & regards,

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This is a community forum, and I would suggest that you contact support for this specific question.

I would be curious, though, as to what your new streaming device is? :slight_smile:

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Hi chsims1,

thanks for the link, i will give it a try.

The new device is a NAD c658 with integrated BluOs.