Rescan shares besides rescanning entire collection

Hi everybody,

Something I noticed when setting up Volumio 0.979 today…

I added three mounts pointing to shares on my NAS, and Volumio started scanning the first one immediately (great!).

In the top part of the screen there’s a rescan button to rescan your music collection. I actually have a fairly large physical and digital music collection, and after six hours Volumio was still scanning the first one of the three shares.

If I were to change something/add something in my collection, a rescan would take an enormous amount of time for each change (I assume).

Would it not be a good idea to add a “rescan” button per share as well? That way at least I can select which share I want to rescan, to leave the others alone.

On a sidenote, how do others set up their collections? It would be quite cumbersome to add a mount per directory instead of per share on the NAS :frowning:

Thanks, and keep up the good work!


I second this. Either Rune or some other similar project lets you rescan any particular folder. I have a large music collection so if i add to it Id like to be able to just update the one directory that I updated rather than rescanning the entire library.

Same request as large-music-libraries-t4676.html


We’ve added an update function in my music, which will just add what’s missing without initiating a rescan

Great job michelangelo…

What is the difference between “Update” and “Rescan” functions ?
Actually, “Update” is only available in “My Music” . Isn’t possible to add an “Update” function for folder (like Volumio 1) ?