Resampling questions

I’ve just installed Volumio on a Raspberry feeding a i2s non oversampling multibit DAC, it worked immediately and easily, great! So I, preferably/much preferably, need a player which can resample. I was very happy to see that the function is direcly available in the software, again great!
I briefly checked on the forum for informations about this function, but I couldn’t find much.
Could someone please confirm that it’s based on SOX?
I’m testing it right now with a flac CD resampled to 176KHz. Unfortunately my DAC doens’t show the input sampling rate so I can’t be sure of what’s exactly going on…
I wonder if the output frequency can be seen somewhere in Volumio: IMHO it’d be great to show it near the native file type/freq./bit depth infos I can read on the left bottom part of the screen.

Also, as far as I can understand, if a 44 or 48KHz file is plaied and resampling is set to 176KHz we get this output for both of them. I’m I right?

Thank you for your support.

if you have a oscilloscope available, you can measure the frequency of the pin 35 while playing, resample should work as you described, any input will be converted (upsampled or downsampled) at the selected frequency

Unfortunately the Raspberry is buried in my DAC so it’s really hard to to reach any pin :frowning:
Anyway I was able to check that any input is resampled to the selected frequency. On the clock board there are two leds indicating which of the two oscillators is active. Playing both 44 and 48KHz music with resampling set to 176KHz I always see the same clock working. With resampling disabled the two clocks are switched.
I don’t exactly know how it works for “modern” DACs anyway there always are two oscillators, one for 44KHz and multiples and another one for 48KHz and multiples. In two works It’s not optimal to resample 44/88KHz material to 96 or 192KHz.
Although, yes, this could be useful for someone with a DAC accepting one sampling rate only… rare enough. But from an audiophile point of view this should be avoided.
So, now I should switch manually the required resampled frequency depending on the original file.
It’d really be nice to get the resampling function more versatile. Is someone working on this?

Hoping to find a solution for this too. My dac can only do 44/48/88.2/96 but I have files that are higher sample rates. Would like to get a integer mode to downsample those files but still retain bit perfect playback for native resolutions.

Is there a way to do this?