Replay gain working with Volumio

How can I get in an easy way to get replay gain working? I’m not familiar with linux editing etc.

Greetings, Ben

And with replay gain you mean, normalizing loudness for each track or album?
Volumio has something like normalizing the output.

I for one would like to hear an explanation of this setting, and how it is achieved. Anyone in the know?

Edit: I don’t mean general ‘normalisation’, but this specific implementation. :slight_smile:

If they did it correct it should analyze the max volume in a track and reduce it for example to 30dB.
So with every song the mac output is set to the same level. So there is no volume differences between tracks and albums.
Since they mention it can reduce quality, they do it on the fly. Other programs do this while scanning the music files and store the amplification in one of the tags. So it will not interfere while playing the track.

Thanks :wink: That was the general explanation; I want to know how it is implemented in Volumio. :smiley: So for example is it just respecting “replay gain” tabs, or is it something internal to Volumio??

How can i let it work in volumio?

I know how replay gain works but how to implement in volumio

It is done by mpd.

Can you explain how i must proceed? I’m not familiar with that kind of work. Thanks, Ben

Just go to settings → playback options → and turn it on

You cannot turn on replay gain in the settings menu. Or is it a new feature? Can you show me where to find it?

Sorry, Volume Normalizer isn’t the same as ‘Replay Gain’. It’s a different feature. I don’t want Volume normalizer. Google ’ ReplayGain’.

@Benmuziek i would say write the plugin…

In my first question i did ask you, what your perception on Replay gain is.
As people seem to interpret terms in different manner, however you did not answer it.

I cannot write a plugin :thinking:
I know there must be a way in Volumio to arrange it; I saw it some time ago somewhere on the internet.

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if all other things are done maybe if some one has the time to look at it.
but you know there is a lot of changes all the time …and they are still buzy with a lot of work.

ReplayGain is a long time wanted feature to implement into Volumio. I worked with Runeaudio some time ago and they implemented it already. I guess change Volumio normalizer into Replaygain yes or no. ReplayGain doesn’t influence the sound quality so this is a much better option. How can I edith mfd configuration?

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wanted or not some one has to code it … we are buzy with converting to 3.xx

@balbuze is this called nomalizer in volumio?