Renew ip adress for wifi

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.873
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4
DAC: HiFiBerry DAC2 Pro

Im trying to get my RPi to work over wifi but the wifi ip is different from the wired.
I also have a RPi running Pi-Hole and its taking care of the DHCP but the wireless isnt getting the correct ip while the wired does.

How do i force Volumio to renew the ip? Is it possible?

Have done some googeling and found ‘sudo dhclient -r’ should do it but i get a ‘command not found’

I’m a massive linux noob despite me owning three Raspberrys running linux. =/


Hi MAlgol, welcome to Volumio. :slight_smile:

If you’re attempting to get the same IP address for both wired and wifi connections, then you can’t. :wink: The wired and wifi IP addresses will always be different. You can’t have two devices (as your router sees them to be) with the same IP address.

Thanks! =)
Well then I have a problem it seems.
If i disconnect the wired i can access it other then the hotspot and it doesn’t seems like I can connect with PuTTY then.

I assume you mean “I can’t access it other than the hotspot.” So, it seems like it can’t log on wirelessly, and drops back to hotspot backup. You should be able to connect by PuTTY to the hotspot ( regardless.

What happens with a wired connection when you go to network settings and add a wireless connection (with different IP address)? Does it show as connecting?

If i disconnect the wire all I see is the wireless with ip and if I connect the wire i see both bot the wired have the correct ip.

And I can’t connect to it using hotspot and Putty (getting timed out). =/

How do you see this? As a wireless network on your mobile/tablet?

Can you connect your mobile to the hotspot? Can you access the Volumio UI via the hotspot?

Yes, connecting to the hotspot using tablet.

ok, connected by hotspot on tablet. What happens when you add a wifi network?

I get disconnected from the hotspot but I cant connect any other way.

Fine, but can you now see Volumio at your router (or wherever) over your network you have just added?

No I can’t.
Will do a reset of both Volumio and router/pi-hole.
Get back when its done.