Renaming "Add, replace and play"

Why is the “play” action in browse view named “Add, replace and play” ? I think it makes no sense: it’s quite verbose, uselessly complex, and I think just “replace and play” would be enough to describe the action because “replace” already means “add”. Moreover, most softwares I know just say “Play”, and nothing more.

Personally, I’ve changed those texts:

  • “Add” is still “Add”
  • “Add and play” is removed
  • “Add, replace and play” is just “Play”

I think (I hope) everybody would understand that in this context, “play” actually replaces the current playlist.
And I deleted “Add and play” because it doesn’t bring much value, most of the time my player is already running, just “Add” is enough.

=> so if most people thinks the same, we could rename these labels, what do you think?

Trouble is that add and play is used as add to the top of the playlist.

Add replace and play is a bit much, replace and play covers the charge. Or maybe just replace.

I for one would rather use the add and play as play then the add replace and play since I want to keep the current playlist and just have that one song play now. With only the add the song would end up behind the whole playlist. But for playlists and albums i would prefer add replace and play since I want to play that album.

It makes sense. Actually I didn’t notice that “Add and play” added to top.