Removed old device, would like to add new one, how?

I’ve switched over from my RPi3 B+ to a much beefier Khadas Vim2 board. I just installed Volumio on it and everything boots normally. I used the app to configure but now I can’t see how to login to MyVolumio to run Qobuz on this Volumio Device. I’ve logged into MyVolumio on the web and removed the RPI B+ device and deleted it. Can someone please advise how to get this device into my account so I can install Qobuz, Tidal, …etc

I would like to add I can’t see any option to login from either the app or my device’s address ( in my case) while the UI does load there’s not option in the menu to login to my profile…


UPDATE: I have learned that my image of volumio for the Khadas Vim2 board does not include MyVolumio Cloud service. Because of this there is no way for me to get the features I am paying for on this device.

correct, be patient a little, official support for vim1 and vim3l with myVolumio included is on its way.
I did not mention vim2 and vim3 on purpose, because though it should work, I do not have the devices to verify.
No doubt the supporting Khadas people will take care of that.

Any updates on this?