Remounting shares

Hello all,

So I finaly managed to get an IP from my ISP that is not blacklisted and now I can post here :slight_smile:!
Below is my Email sent to Can somebody help?


Hi Volumio,

so I tried registering for the forum over my cable connection and over my 3G connection. Both of the IP’s got rejected due to blacklisting. I have no idea what my ISP’s are doing, but this is the reason I am asking for help per E-Mail.

So I am using Volumio on a Raspi with HiFiBerry for a couple of months now and I am very happy with the setup. I installed also an IR Receiver on the Raspi and can now control Volumio with my Amps remote. Great work, thank you!!!

Now to my problem…

My music is on a NAS and this NAS goes to sleep/turns off, if there is no activity for some time. The Raspi on the other side is running the whole time. So if I want to play music and the NAS is turned off, I first have to wake up the NAS. In order to do this I wrote a small BASH script, that sends a WOL package to the NAS. This works great, but sometimes the playback doesn’t start because although the NAS wakes up Volumio doesn’t see the shares. Probably due to some timeout the mount points get disconneted. So I would have to remount them and would like to do this directly using the Volumio php scripts. So I have no idea about php but searched a bit and tried executing

php -r "include ‘/var/www/inc/player_lib.php’;wrk_sourcemount(‘sqlite:/var/www/db/player.db’,‘mountall’)

from cmd line. This brings no output whatsoever on cmd line, or in php_errors.log, and doesn’t remount the shares. So what I am doing wrong and what would be the correct way to do this? I could probably just run normal mount on the cmd line, but I would like to trigger Volumio to remount everything.

Thanks for your help in advance!!


dont know your ip adress.
Most of the banned ip´s are spam bots.


I don’t need help about my IP, I need help about remounting the NAS with php scripts of Volumio :smiley: