Remote Control in Buster

I am trying to get the Remote Control to work on Buster. From this website I got almost all the information:

I can’t get irexec to work at startup.
Before I had in rc.local this:

sleep 3;
sudo -u pi irexec -d
exit 0

Now it doesn’t work.
If I do in command line

sudo irexec -d

the Remote Control works perfectly.

Any idea?

Why do you start it as user “pi”? Try this in rc.local:

sleep 3
irexec -d
exit 0

Maybe it needs also a & after “-d” but i think “-d” is for daemon and this should work without put it in the background.

FYI (unless you try to avoid using the IR Controller plugin): I will open a PR for a buster capable version of the IR Controller plugin on GitHub soon.

Edit: PR is up.

sleep 3
irexec -d
exit 0

Not work…


Yes, in debian buster there is no rc.local anymore.
You need to make a systemd to reenable it.
Or maybe better: Make a systemd job for your irexec.

So, it looks as though rc.local has been deprecated … presumably because of conflicts with systemd and sysv. Answer to OP is to create a suitable systemd service file.

When you said:

you mean to do what this article explains?
This worked correctly.