Release 2,657 : Volume control + Allo Katana


Since I upgrade to 2,657 my volume control does not work.

The hardware mixer disappear and even if I choose software mixer, the volume control does not work.

Can we have another release that will fix this bug ?

Thank you

Same problem here, cannot choose digital mixer when using Hifiberry Dac Plus.

I can see in the changelog that they updated hardware but for Hifiberry Dac Plus it seems to be something wrong.

Hoping for a fix soon

Just tested Hifiberry DAC plus and the mixer works… can you send a screenshot of your settings?

We are testing all dacs to see where the problem can be

I tried very hard replicating the issue, but the only way I managed to replicate it was to install a newer version of pulseaudio…
Can you tell me from which version were you updating from? And which plugins you installed? Did you update pulseaudio or any package via ssh?

Same volume problem here with my HifiBerry DAC plus. As mixer type I can only choose between “software” and “none”. I come from version 2.619. I have installed the Youtube and the Spotify plugin. I don’t use SSH.

Same issue. No volume control, can sometimes get the hardware volume option but the volume control on the interface does not work. Phase help.
I have allo katana

Hi Michelangelo,

The only way to fix the volume problem was to do a factory reset !

But it’s a couple of hours of job to make it back as it was (local sound files wiped, remount external file system)…

So, after a factory reset, the volume (hardware mixer) is working correctly… but i’m now on release 2.526 !

As I was on 2.527, how a factory reset should downgrade??

Now it tell that the release 2.527 is available for upgrade, but, i’m afraid to go forward :wink:

Thank you for some advices.

Thanks for the factory reset suggestion. Now the volume control works. The factory reset did roll back to version 2.452. That leads me believe that there is something funky with the latest version. Well hold off on upsetting till there is aresolution to the volume issue.