"refused to connect" after upgrading to 2.285

I just upgraded from 2.246 to 2.285 today and find the web UI broken. It gives me “refused to connect” in Chrome. Other browsers tell me can’t connect or similar.

My Volumio (Raspberry Pi 3 with Digi+) is connected by ethernet cable. I can do ssh. I did find an earlier message on this forum mentioning a change to done to local-config.json in /volumio/http/www/app (setting {“localhost”: “http://192.168.0.xxx:3000”}) but this did not work either.

I do get the normal Volumio opening screen on my (official) Touch screen, but the Touch screen is not responsive to touch. The mouse cursor is also not moving if I plug in a mouse. After cold-boot, with mouse installed, no change.

Initially, after the upgrade, the screen was upside-down. By editing through ssh the config.txt file and adding lcd_rotate = 2 this was fixed.

I do see a message on screen saying that Chromium did not shut down correctly and invites to hit restore or exit. With the mouse not active, I cannot act on this. The Chromium shutdown issue may have come about with the reboot after upgrading. For upgrading I used the button on the System page and it told me to hit reboot to activate the upgrade.

I checked some logs, but I am not sure what to look out for. Any ideas?

Jos Maas

Some additional info:

  1. when trying to call the web UI, no activity is logged in volumio.log (or in the other logs). This may mean that no port is listening. I ran sudo netstat -tnlp and port 80 is not listed.
  2. dmesg suggests that somehow the Volumio version was not updated to 2.285 but left at 2.246 as shown in the following snippet:
    [ 16.046313] initramfs: With Option:
    [ 16.233057] initramfs: VOLUMIO_VERSION=“2.246”
    [ 16.233214] initramfs: Finish initramfs, continue booting Volumio
    [ 16.834388] systemd[1]: systemd 215 running in system mode. (+PAM +AUDIT +SELINUX +IMA +SYSVINIT +LIBCRYPTSETUP +GCRYPT +ACL +XZ -SECCOMP -APPARMOR)

However uname -a shows: Linux volumio 4.9.41-v7+ #1023 SMP Tue Aug 8 16:00:15 BST 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux
which definitely not what I had before the upgrade from 2.246 (which was showing 4.9.36-v7+ #1015)

I hope this helps in pin-pointing the cause of the problem. Meanwhile, I am stuck with a non-functional Volumio. I was really impressed with what the previous version had as capabilities. I may have to go back to it, but I found mpd occasionally non-responsive and this prompted me to go for the upgrade.

I will appreciate your help!